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I only need one hand for counting now.

The number 5 is the symbol of the perfection in the Mayas.

The number 5 is apparently used to Symbolise the force and the limits of the man in his control on the Universe (!).

The number 5 is also the number of the life and the nature, according to Aeppli.

For His Podgeness, the number 5 really means:

5 more sleeps to go;
5 more sleeps to cruising;
5 more sleeps till the big fella gets on that boat,
with his bird and her boy;
5 more sleeps to cruising.

To add to the excitement, I’ve just realised there’s going to be firework displays as each ship sails out. What with the Red Arrows and the Princess Royal coming along to view me (she’s viewing everybody else as well I know but, permit me my dreams) I’m not sure how much more excitement I can take. I may just need a drink or two to calm me down. Actually, the Bombay Sapphire is looking quite enticing even now….

Do you know what, I think I’m starting to get quite emotional. Hmmm, must ‘man up’…

Wait: a horrible thought has just crossed my mind: after the cruise what will I do? No more countdowns :-(

Ah ha, no worries, after her indoors rescued me from the river recently, I apparently owe her a cruise. Possibly one in September. Yay. Another countdown could be on the cards. Better still, I think I may have conned her into paying.

Won’t be the same as the Grand Event though :-(.

The number 9 is seen as the number of the man, as a numeral symbol of his gestation (nine months).

The number 9 is the expression of “the power of the Holy Spirit”, according to Etchegoyen.

The freemasons have made the number 9 the eternal number of human immortality.

The number 9 number was considered as sacred in Egypt and in Greece.

To His Podgeness however, the Number 9 simply means:

9 more sleeps to go;
9 more sleeps to cruising;
9 more sleeps till the big fella gets on that boat,
with his bird and her boy;
9 more sleeps to cruising.

And after that 9th sleep, there shall be much rejoicing and coming together of all P&O’s l_u_v_e_r_l_y cruise ships and I, His Podgeness, will be one of the chosen ones who will be joining the historic celebrations, along of course with She Who Must be Obeyed. ;-) plus of course, many many others.

Today, I will be venturing into the loft / roof-space / attic, to retrieve the many cases and carriers that I just know we’ll need. As a minimum, I reckon we’ll need 2 full size suit cases, 2 medium size suitcases, 1 hard shell suit carrier, 2 ruck sacks, 2 (bulging at the seams) camera bags, and a couple of carry on bags (hand luggage). within these items there will be at least 7 hand bags with, each no doubt, matching shoe’s and of course some serious shopping bags with good strong handles. ;-)

The preparations are now in full swing.

Keep It To Yourself

Posted: May 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

Keep it quiet, but look out the window and listen. There’s no rain. There’s no wind.

If we keep quiet about it, PERHAPS IT’LL STAY THAT WAY…..

The Dream Machine is Back

Posted: April 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

Yep, that’s right. I’ve dusted off the old Geo Dream and put her back on the road. 

She’s still the nicest bike I’ve ever ridden (though the Falcon Black Diamond comes a close second [late 60's]).Image

Isn’t she just Luv_er_ly…..

Looks like it worked

Posted: April 14, 2012 in 40s 50s, Uncategorized

Well, how about that then. The App works.

Woo Hoo

Go Podge Go